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Ciudad de Guatemala!

I arrived safely in Guatemala City early this afternoon. There was a long line getting through customs, and I didn´t get to my hotel until close to 3pm. I´m in Zona 1, a very urban area, which all the guidebooks warn about being out after dark (which I am, now, but I only have to go a block to get back to my hotel)

I spent a fair bit of the afternoon -- after recovering from the ordeal of trying to make myself (haltingly) understood at customs, changing money, taxi, hotel -- walking around. I bought a book, some postcards, and did a lot of people watching. It´s strange to think that just this morning I was in Boston!

Tomorrow, I head to Quetzaltenango on an early bus (if all goes as planned), and then Sunday, I meet my homestay family. With luck, I´ll get a seat on the bus and not have to stand for 4 hours :)

I could go on and on, but my main goal here was to get online and let folks know I´m safe and sound, if somewhat disbelieving at the things I get myself into :)

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