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Okay, all the trepidation about the bus ride was silly -- it was a fun ride, I got a seat, the sights were beautiful -- what country here! About 7 seats were filled when we left the terminal, and as we drove through Guatemala City, the guys who work for the bus line would stand in the doorway yelling Xela! Xela! Xela! (shay-la) and people who wanted to get on would stick their arms out and we´d stop (or slow down) and get them on and keep going. It was like this almost the whole way, actually, city and country. At some stops, someone would get on and sell food or drink -- I got some chicken and tortilla for breakfast that way.

The travel excitement of the day came with the taxista once I arrived in Xela. Guatemalan cities are, for the most part, set up on a grid of Calles (streets) and Avenidas (avenues), so aren´t too hard to navigate... or shouldn´t be... My taxista took maybe 30 minutes getting me somewhere that should have taken 5, tops, and then wanted to charge me for his having driven all over the city, and scraped up his car in the process. We came to a reasonable medium, but I was SO glad to get to the hostel where I´m spending the night!

Rested a bit then wandered the city. There´s a beautiful plaza area a few blocks from the hostel (which is across the street from the school) with lots of people selling food (I got a huge bag of oranges for $1) clothing, jewelry... I had a fun conversation with a young fellow selling necklaces -- I told him I´m not buying today -- not until closer to when I leave! And then I´ll have to give away everything I came with so I can come back with some of the great stuff that´s here!

Tomorrow I meet my homestay family and register at the school. At that point, I expect I´ll find out if I´ll be having morning or afternoon classes, and hear about other activities nearby. Apparently, there are lots of dance classes, which is really a no-brainer, but what else? I´ll find out...!

Now, off I go to hunt down dinner.

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