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Amusing conversation OTD

Today, for Figment, I wore a stripy black and white circle skirt, with silver spangles all over it. Because it's a circle skirt, it flares out a lot, and led to this conversation:

E (age 8): What makes it poof out like that?
Me: Mostly, my butt.
E: Really?
Me: My butt is pretty poofy! Which I like, though some people with poofy butts don't like them.
E: What's not to like?

One of the things I enjoy about talking to kids is their unfiltered comments about people in the world around them. Of course this can lead to the awkward moment when you're with a child who loudly comments on someone who's not part of their party, and sometimes in really inappropriate ways, but in moments like the above, it can be both charming, and, sometimes, a great opportunity to send a body-positive message their way.
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