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El Martes

I´m having my afternoon break, and I just can´t think any more in Spanish, so I´m getting my internet fix! I thought I wasn´t going to do this every day, but... I can´t help myself :) I´m not really reading email, mostly just lj comments, but if you have email you want me to see, send it to rosalcarson at

Today´s weather is much nicer than yesterday! Sunny and warm, but still not hot. Not much new to report, other than that it was fun to get a conversation on the phone with mom & dad (hi, mom & dad!) this morning.

catya, I don´t have any care package requests, yet, but give me a couple of weeks and I bet I will! Unfortunately, a lot of them are likely to be perishable ;) I may ask folks to think about sending a package of things for a school down here, but since I´m still getting my feet wet, it´s a little early -- I don´t know what they need, etc.

dbang, I have not yet seen dogs on rooftops.

Yes, agaran, you´re right, I meant English :)

snowy_owlet, the traje is extremely varied. It´s always very colorful, usually involving a blouse with beautiful embroidery or lace, and dramatic woven colors, and a skirt that´s less elaborate but no less colorful. Sometimes they wear fancy-looking aprons on top of all. Mostly, it´s just the women who wear the traditional clothing, but occassionally men, or so I´m told -- I´ve only seen it on the women.

My host family is very friendly, if a little odd. I don´t remember what I´ve already described, but I´m in a house with my host mom, Blanca, her helper (daughter? I´m not sure), Susana, and 9 other students. At first, I was worried that this would be a problem for learning Spanish, but it turns out that they´re all Guatemalan students taking classes in the city, whose families are in the country. Dinner conversation is lively, often, and it´s hard for me to follow, but when people slow down, I catch a lot. They´re very interested in the US, and one of the students is a follower of the NY Yankees, so he knows the Boston Red Sox.

I really like my maestra of this week. She was involved as a guerrilla in the war (Guatemala had a 36 yr civil war, which ended in ´96, but they´re still working on the peace) and she has some amazing stories!

I hope to start using my camera more in the next few days, and I´ll send photos to someone who might be able to scan them to share with everyone else, if I get a chance... otherwise, you´ll all just have to wait until january :)

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