ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Yesterday, I had my first excursion out of the city. Three other students and I took a bus to Zunil, a little town near Xela, and then a hired pickup to Fuentes Georginas, typically known as the most popular hotspring in the country. It was a gorgeous drive -- we got way into the mountains, very green and cool. The hotsprings were a little disappointing from the perspective of temperature. I found them fairly cool, except right at the source, but the site was incredibly gorgeous, and I think that maybe we just didn´t have time to explore, because when I went back to look at my guidebook, it said there are four pools of varying temperature ... maybe we were just in the cool pool :)

I had a couple of very good "aha!" moments during class yesterday ... a very good sign! I´m feeling impatient and wanting to have everything come NOW. It´s hard to be at meals and understand 1 in 3 words unless people slow way down for me. I´m also kinda bummed out that this is my last day of class with maestra Maria. She´s been really good, but more than that (because I´m sure other teachers will be good, too), we´ve had a very good connection, and she´s an admirable person.

Which reminds me, actually, that she´s having troubles with an early stage of osteoporosis -- does anyone have information about what sorts of foods, exercises, other stuff, is good for a person to do to slow/stop/reverse osteoporosis? Thanks...

In other news, if someone wants to send something, a box or two of herbal tea would be good -- people here drink a lot of regular tea and coffee, and I think the caffeine isn´t helpful for my stomach, and I´m getting bored with water.

I can tell, too, that by the end of this trip, I´m going to be completely sick of eggs and beans -- that´s what we eat for breakfast and dinner, with a little variety of rice, potatoes and meat for lunch. The benefit of living with a family on language acquisition is high, but, boy, I can hardly wait until I can have a day of papaya for breakfast and spinach for lunch! And it´s only been a week.

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