ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Food changes! Thank goodness! I bought a pineapple yesterday, and told my hostmom that I want to try doing breakfasts of yogurt and fruit to see if that helps my stomach, and she was totally happy with that and even went out to buy me a papaya today! Spiff.

The men here are very "macho" and it's pretty common to get lots of comments or hisses, chchchs, or smoochy noises are you walk down the streets. Mostly, I ignore it, or diffuse it by being very polite with a "Buenas dias" or some such, which works fine. Last night, I walked up to the park, where there was music and dance performances, and stuff, and there was a fellow who I've seen a few times before, and he tends to be one of the more aggressive about making really serious, intrusive eye contact, and giving me a suave "hola" when I go by. Well, he did the same thing, last evening, but this time, he was walking and I was standing still, so in the process of holding the eye contact and his suaveness, he walked himself right into a tree! I think that made my day.

Went to mass with the mom and sister today, which was okay. I didn't understand most fo it, of course, which, really, is kinda par for the course with me and church, anyway, so that worked out. And tomorrow, I think, to the feria... Tongiht, there's something happening in the park, maybe a parade? I'm planning to go, but it's pretty cloudy now, so maybe I'll stay home if it starts raining.

And then Tuesday, I meet my new teacher and dive back into the excitement of verb conjugation and vocabulary building. Woot!

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