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My dog has fleas...

...except, I don't have a dog, so... bad news, that. I'm a little unclear on how I'm going to manage to wash all my clothes while also being able to go out in public... I'm hoping that the clothes I've not yet worn will do, and then I can wash them on Friday, after I have the rest of my clothes back. Actually, though, I'm kinda relieved that everyone here has diagnosed fleas, since they're way more manageable than what I initially thought, which was bedbugs.

I didn't go to the big feria (fair) for independence day, yesterday, because after standing around watching the parade of the school bands for *4* hours, I was pooped. So, instead, I took the afternoon off, read, relaxed, and investigated my sheets, which is when, of course, the great flea discovery was made. I didn't sleep well last night as a result of finding that, but I seem to be pretty much okay today, if a tad tired.

I'm working my way through Cuentos de Eva Luna, a book some of you may know in English. I understand a surprising amount, even when I don't stop every two sentences to look up a word. That's promising.

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