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Burning Man 2011

I am getting ready to fall off the communications grid once again for my occasional visit to raverdoonBurning Man. I expect to be basically out of touch from approximately noon today until the morning of Monday, September 5.

Should you, for some reason, need to contact me urgently, you can email a message to and ask them to try to get a message to me. They will need to know where I'm camped:

Snack Food Glory Hole, on the 9:00 plaza.

Those of you who will be on the playa should stop by and get snacked or have a drink or just trade smartassy remarks with us for a few! Those of you who are having less dusty adventures this week should enjoy an extra minute in the shower on my behalf!

I can't wait to hear all your tales when I return, and possibly have a few good ones to share in return!
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