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fleas, redux

Thanks for all the suggestions about what to do with fleas. Everyone here, too, has ideas. We washed my sheets, and changed the blankets, and put the mattress out in the sun for the afternoon. All of my clothes, except what I'm wearing, are being washed today, well, I hope! And, as much as I don't like the idea of using poison, even more I don't like the idea of itching like a fiend all the time, so I did go get the recommended brand "OKO" for my sheets. I'll have to try salt or an aromatic herb, too, though, if it comes up again. Which it won't, of course!

I like my new teacher a lot -- he's very funny, and he's been teaching for several years, so he's good. Of course, part of me thinks, "Oh, I'm getting all the good teachers in my first couple of weeks," but maybe they're all good. Since the school is a cooperative, and it has certain requirements for its teachers, it's possible.

This weekend, I'm going to San Francisco del Alto, a town nearish here that's said to have the best mercado, and the most "authentic". I'm really looking forward to it. I've also made some friends, which is nice, and mostly we manage to speak together in Spanish, unless we get really stuck. Some of them are leaving very soon, but others will be here for up to 3 months, so it doesn't feel like we're building friendship only to say goodbye in a week.

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