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So, I have this fucking awesome job.

I'm coming up on having been there for two full months, though it doesn't feel that way, since I was gone for two weeks at Burning Man. Also, because it's so damn fun. I had no idea that a job could be so fun. I've had jobs I liked before, but never one that didn't feel like work.

It's interesting, because I always figured a person would have to have a calling, and a job within that calling, to feel so satisfied in their job, and I've never really felt like I had a calling at all, much less one that applied in a professional setting and could make money, but here I am, in a job that makes me really happy to be doing it -- pretty much every part of it.

I figure the chore parts of it will turn up eventually, or some of the stuff I'm currently enjoying will become tiresome, but, hey, I'm not rushing that. I'm going to do everything I can to keep it so that I am completely unphased by the hassle or boredom of expense reports and keep the complicated logistical juggles of moving 130 people from their current workstations into new ones without ruffling more feathers than I can smooth back down while also finding the puzzle of it all unspeakably fun.

Seriously, this is awesome.

Someone recently posted this quote from Nerissa Nields in another forum: "Big events, solstices, Christmases, birthdays ... these are hard. They force me to confront just how challenging it can be to ... to be in the present moment and show up for the joy. I am much better at showing up for the tragedies. I am extremely present for the tragedies."

I think it's a lot easier to put all our emotional depth into difficulties, grief, tragedy. Right now, I am putting my all into joy, satisfaction, and delight. Fall is upon us -- a time of endings that are slow beginnings, of long nights and bare branches. For me, this fall is a time to harvest the fruits of the extremely tough year behind me, and to embrace the warmth and light that's growing out of seeds I planted in the cold, dark days of last fall and winter.

What's giving you joy these days?
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