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*sigh* The fleas have returned, and my arms are covered with horribly itchy bites, most of which are from the last round, but some of which are clearly new. It's impossible to tell if we just didn't get rid of the fleas last week, or if I picked up a new set on the bus or from the dogs on Saturday. I suspect the latter, mainly based on timing of new bites, and the fact that it would have been totally easy to pick them up on Saturday.

Unfortunately, this consumes a huge portion of my mental energy, and it keeps me from sleeping well because every time I think I feel something on my arms or legs, I jerk awake to try to get it. So, I'm a tad bleary today, and I think I may see if I can hunt down a can of permethrin, which is the insecticide that mosquito nets are typically treated with -- I did a bunch of research on in before getting some to treat my net, and I know that I'm comfy using it, but, unfortunately, I didn't think I'd need to bring the stuff I bought since I treated my net and that should be enough, right? Surely somewhere around here sells it.

And very itchy. Bleh.

In other news, I'm halfway though my time at the Proyecto Linguistico, which is both amazing and daunting. I like it here a lot, and I'm looking forward to doing more travel around the country, and maybe to other nearby countries (I could take a bus to Panama!). On the other hand, I fantasize about taking a long hot shower in clean water and not having to worry about whether the ice in my drink is made with purified water or not.

This weekend, I'm making a trip to Antingua, which is said to be really beautiful, although also very touristy. I'll talk to the volunteer coordinating agency there about what sorts of things I can do. I think I'll aim to stay here in Xela. It's not a very central location, but I have something of a community at the school, and it's not expensive to live here.

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