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Because one day of Thanksgiving is not enough (2/7)

I am much more comfortable being generous than receiving the generosity of others. And, of course: the pleasure of generosity is pretty uncomplicated.

In the last year -- and, in fact, in my whole life -- I've had the opportunity to be the recipient of more generosity and warm welcome than I can possibly do justice in this post. During the time that I was unemployed, so many people treated me to meals, amusement parks, movies, concerts, road trips, hotel stays, burning man, coffee, ice cream, hot chocolate, drinks, clothing, experiences, surprises, gifts, loans, iphones ... I could go on. It's weird and difficult and wonderful and humbling not to be able to participate in the full transaction of exchange, and just to receive, well out of proportion to what I was giving.

I am so lucky and blessed and grateful to be surrounded by people who were willing to help me along during that time. As with any profound experience, it's one thing to know it's so, and another thing to experience it.

I know my whole life is full of huge blessings and gifts. Just to be embedded in a community of people who have the spare resources to be able to help me along is itself worth valuing immensely, and to know that I never -- really -- do anything all on my own, because all of my actions are set in the frame of infrastructural and systemic support that allows my efforts to bear fruit.

I am grateful for that generosity, that sharing, that banding together, and for all the many people who are my safety net.
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