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Poco a poco

I don't feel like I've gained a lot of proficiency in my Spanish until I have a conversation with someone and I'm able to understand more than I think I would have, and I'm able to communicate fairly effectively (if slowly) in a variety of verb tenses. I'm working hard on vocabulary, which is one of my main slow-down points, I think, and I have verb tenses swimming around in a confusion in my head.

I'm reading the third Harry Potter in Spanish on the theory that the language isn't too difficult, I've read it, so I know the story, but I can still learn a lot about grammatical structure and pick up vocabulary when I read. Before this, I was reading Cuentos de Eva Luna by Isabel Allende, which had more cultural relevance, but all the stories started to feel pretty similar after reading 5 or 6, and I was getting bored.

Tomorrow, the school is hosting a big fundraising party for the family of one of the teachers, whose daughter has leukemia. I don't have the slightest idea what the odds of success against leukemia here in Guate are, but I don't know if I want to. And, as my teacher said to me yesterday, it's really a disease for the rich, because effective medical care here costs an arm and a leg. And, although the teachers at the school are paid well by local standards, I don't think they have thousands of Q to spare for chemotherapy. Anyone wanting to send a donation this way, let me know and I'll talk to the coordinator about how best to make that happen.

Then friday is the graduation dinner, as usual, with singing, food, fun, and early saturday, I'll hop a bus to Antigua. This is a big step for me both because it's moving me in the direction of setting up my volunteerwork, but also because I'll have to change buses partway there, in the town Chimaltenango, and I've never done a bus change by myself! I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'm definitely intimidated.

In good news, no flea bites last night. Dare I hope...?

I know that some of you are thinking about making a trip down here at some point to visit me. I would be thrilled to have that happen, of course, and I want to know what timing you're thinking about so I can plan around it. Let me know :)

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